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        2. Support and Services
          Complete consultancy training services: assist enterprises to understand the value and function usage of Vonechain Technology’s products using multiform and comprehensive method
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          Support ServicesProfessional after-sales team kindly assists you in all aspects: various service channels such as 5 x 8 hours after-sales telephone support, 400, e-mail, help center and other channels such as remote network, on-site services, etc. We ensure system runs continuously and promise to provide efficient, professional and considerate services by assisting you in solving any operational problems.
          Consultation ServicesFrom architecture design to implementation and deployment, Vonechain Technology provides professional consultation services throughout the whole process and proposes professional solutions based on the business scenario requirements of clients.
          • Demand Survey

            Confirm person in charge of clients

            Confirm department used

            Scenarios that require for survey

          • Plan Design

            Platform management plan design

            Suggestion for platform usage scenarios

            Assist to confirm terms of use

          • Platform Configuration

            Personnel account configuration

            Product framework configuration

            Product authority configuration

          Training ServicesConsist of integrated training system, provide complete consultancy training services: assist enterprises to understand the product value by multiform and comprehensive method and learn the product function usage in short time.
          • Free Product Information
            Get free information permanently, or you can always know more through “Ask Online” and we will arrange a dedicated consultant for you to obtain related product information for free. New platform function will be forwarded remotely on a regular basis.
          • Customized Special Training
            Customized special training means combining business condition and actual work scenarios of clients to build up a practical application training case suitable for clients based on standardized training. The purpose of this training is to help clients to understand ways of using Vonechain Technology products to increase work efficiency and solve business difficulties.
          Implementation ServicesUse advanced management method and rich experience in project implementation, adopt plan design beforehand, strict monitoring during the process and provide personalized training afterwards. Ensure whole implementation project is delivered successfully and guarantee stable connection between system and business.
          • Installation Plan
          • On-Site Environmental Assessment
          • Product Implementation and Configuration Plan Design
          • Document Plan Implementation
          • On-Site Usage Training for Clients
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