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        2. Support and Services
          Complete consultancy training services: assist enterprises to understand the value and function usage of Vonechain Technology’s products using multiform and comprehensive method
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          1.Service Quality and Service Level

          1.1 Our company promises to carry out strict quality control during the implementation of project in order to ensure software quality, quality of various delivery content transferred to users, work quality at all stages of project implementation, satisfaction level of users to our project is in line with our contract and related document requirements.

          1.2 Our company promises to provide 8 hours of telephone support during working days and online support. When software malfunction happens, our company shall respond immediately and solve the problem in time based on actual situation.

          1.3 During the warranty period, our company is responsible to remove software malfunction for users which had been mutually agreed on “Function Manual” and functions within the scope discussed by both parties during cooperation.

          2.After-Sales Services

          2.1 Our company will provide one year complimentary after-sales services after software launches.

          2.2 Our company will carry out at least 2 times of software patrol every year during the warranty period, and at the same time provide patrol report and recommendation of use.

          2.3 Our company’s services include fine adjustment of system software running within the warranty period.

          2.4 When system malfunctions, our company will determine the response time based on severity level and provide relevant emergency response services.

          Description of Emergency Response Priority Corresponding Time Description
          Priority 1 (P1): System stops running, client’s daily work suspends. 4 hours
          Priority 2 (P2): System can run, but some functions are invalid and performance degradation occurs. However, client’s business still can be carried out. Problem occurs at the key point of services. 8 hours
          Priority 3 (P3): System can run, but system error occurs, and non-critical point of services also arises some problem. 24 hours
          Priority 4 (P4): System improvement and application problem. 24 hours

          2.5 Service Method:

          ◆ Response Center Services

          Sometimes we may encounter unexpected situations when using products. Hence, our company’s technical response center will utilize the technology and industry resources to solve system software, hardware and other problems rapidly. Contact with our company’s technical response center can be seen as the best choice for users, because it saves time and energy, increases efficiency and saves cost.

          Our company’s technical response center contains our own system knowledge base to share information resources mutually. If we have solved one user’s problem, the solution will be placed into database. If someone has made a call to the response center, engineer will be able to solve the problem quickly based on a full set of tools and procedures of remote diagnosis.

          If a user holds the support service contract of our company’s technical response center, response center will solve his or her system error or answer his or her technical problems in priority to reduce losses resulted by waiting time and abnormal running of system.

          Currently, our company’s technical response center provides the services below to majority users:

          After receiving hotline or fax from system users, the engineer will register their requests and provide them answers via telephone, fax or e-mail.
          If a user’s system software needs repairment, response center will distribute patch file to the contract user based on requirements in order to solve hidden software problem and take precautions. If necessary, non-contract users can also obtain related documents from our company’s technical response center.
          Remote service of our company’s technical response center needs permission from user’s computer, thus we need to appoint a contact person of our center. Contact person is preferably a person who has undergone training courses and is easier to master and describe the condition and problem of system correctly. This can greatly reduce time required for solving problem and increase work efficiency of both parties.
          For users who have different types of service contracts, response center will provide different response supports. Our company’s technical response center will try to solve the problem via phone contact. However, if it is hard to solve through phone, engineer from our company’s technical response center will carry out field services for you.
          To know the details of our company’s technical response center and various types of contract services, please contact the marketing department.

          ◆ Hotline

          Provide hotline support services 8 hours a day and 7 days a week. When facing problems during installation and using of products, clients can call 400-895-6366 for technical support, our company will arrange an experienced technical staff to answer your questions at any time and set up a complete customer call log tracking system.

          As for e-mail, our company will appoint a professional staff to in charge of solving users’ problem. Users can send their questions to our e-mail address, technology@vonechain.com Our company’s engineer will make a reply within 24 hours.

          ◆ Online Support

          Users can know more about our latest product information and get online technical support via our company’s official website.


          Our company will provide free technical training to users so that members of user project team and sales persons will be able to use the software skilfully and start the operation and maintenance work immediately after training.

          Time and method are otherwise agreed by both parties. The latest date will be 10 working days starting from the project acceptance date.

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