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        2. Fixed Asset Solutions
          Due to strong demand from the management regarding huge amount of fixed asset securitization and wide market scenario, Vonechain Technology applies blockchain as the underlying technology to help customers issue fixed asset on chain. Via blockchain technology, Vonechain will focus on core enterprises to carry out valuation, right confirmation, mortgage and transaction to overcome circulation difficulties of huge amount of fixed assets and increase the efficiency of pecuniary remittance.
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          Pain Point
          • 1
            Few Circulation Channels, Unable to Satisfy Huge Market
            In the circulation field of recent society, all bulk physical assets, operating assets and equity assets request for securitization. However, the shortcoming is lack of complete right confirmation link and single circulation channel.
          • 2
            Big Asset Amount and Circulation Difficulties
            People who like to invest huge amount of fixed assets are lesser. Furthermore, high cost, hard and slow circulation almost become the general phenomenon in industry.
          • 3
            High Cost Needed for Circulation Process
            During real transaction, right confirmation process and procedures require a long time, hence it causes circulation efficiency hard to be guaranteed and slow increase in asset value.
          Plan Advantages
          • Compliance of Whole Process
            Complete process of asset right confirmation on chain, ensure compliance in terms of evaluation and audit of fixed assets.
          • Ensure Safety and Reliability of Information
            Make use of blockchain characteristics, such as cannot be tampered, traceability, etc. to ensure safety and reliability of information.
          • Increase Speed of Circulation Transaction
            Based on principle of token economics, securitization of assets and tokenization of securities will be carried out to achieve split valuation and speed circulation.
          Scheme Structure

          Make use of third party in carrying out asset registration, right confirmation, evaluation, authentication, valuation, trusteeship for valuable assets. Fixed assets will be tokenized via technical characteristics of blockchain, which include information is transparent and cannot be tampered.

          Blockchain Depository Receipt, Guarantee Effectiveness of Warrant:Ensure information is transparent and cannot be tampered using technical characteristics of blockchain.

          Asset Securitization:Based on token economics of blockchain, carry out physical asset securitization to achieve split valuation and speed circulation.

          Introduce Smart Contract:Introduction of smart contract brings great advantages, including ensure life cycle of asset securitization. Through collaborating with many public trust institutions, copyright information will become the only effective asset code which can confirm rights and interests on chain.

          Decentralized Management Model:Transaction data applies distributed ledger of blockchain in bookkeeping to ensure transaction cannot be tampered. Moreover, technical means will be applied to ensure effectivity of copyright circulation and protect the rights and interests of both transaction parties.

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